Content Secrets for Junior Copywriters. Secret #1

Content Secrets for Junior Copy Writers

The days of direct selling are long gone; people’s attention spans are penetrated by millions of ads and jingles on every platform fighting for a single click or a share. Therefore, copywriting has to arrest the attention and that’s why we share some of our secrets to a successful scroll-stopping copy.

Write for her.

Forget about being clever. Copywriting is not a power display, it’s an emotional display. Imagine yourself writing for one person instead of thousands, this person is your stage crowd and you want to win that person beyond the buy button. You want to stir up their emotions and touch them on a human level, that’s what effective marketing is. Create that mindset, pick up a pen, and write from the heart.

*Content Secrets for Junior Copywriters is a Contenyou series that aims to provide aspiring copywriters who are just starting their career with support through up-to-date tips, guides and revealing best practices.

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All Roads Lead to Copywriting, a Dictionary: CTA

CTA Call to action


What is a CTA?

Every copy of writing must have a purpose, and that purpose has to be clear. CTA is the Call to Action, or to put differently, what you want your audience to do after reading your copy. An effective CTA is clear and concise. Use regular words. Talk to people like a friend.

A perfect CTA charms the audience into taking action because they are so convinced, they have no other choice. Give them a CTA they can’t refuse.

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2018 Content Weather Forecast

Content Forecast Contenyou

Have you ever heard of CI?

CI is content intelligence. Like all other kinds of intelligence, CI has many kinds, but they all meet at one point; its ability to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, and that in itself is a science that takes more than your intuition.

-The Rise of the Machines

This is not Will Smith in I am Legend rise of machines (thank god). By machine learning technologies, we mean the sophisticated technologies that enable marketers to tailor the audience. The shift from traditional content marketing to machine-mediated conversational marketing will be a game changer, because advanced tools consequently mean better understanding and ultimately delivering better content.

-Content Gets More Real

Put your VR on, we are in for a wild ride, the kind of ride where you have to walk before you run. AR and VR are expected to change the content game in 2018 by travelling in time, crushing borders, and impossibilities. Beware; this is not going to be for the faint of heart, because of its intense effect. However, the world is Pisa leaning towards visual content, interactive graphics, apps, and videos which paves the way for the AR/VR future.

Mobile Optimization

Adios desktops! We are always in a hurry, wanting everything on-the-go, which is why 66% of our engagement happens on the dimly lit screens of our mobile phones. Therefore, your content must be optimized for mobile consumption.

The mobile future is rising like a hurricane. In February 2017, 98.8 million was the number of mobile-only internet users in Egypt. Survival is not for the fittest, but for those who are most adaptive to change. Mobile content optimization is the next change.  


2017 has witnessed the birth of live streaming features in every social media platform. Traditional posts will remain critical, but crowds will still vote for live videos because they’re immediate human connections with your audience, they establishing rapport and give people a feeling they all desire; feeling intimately involved.

In 2018, get your big guns out, because we will all agree on one thing; the future of content is tech.  

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